What we did in the project

The project engaged 102 young people across Ireland, Slovakia, Latvia and Catalonia to co-produce a toolkit that focused on developing action competence and positive well-being among young people within the context of eco-activism. Overall the project produced 5 things:

  1. Educational Toolkit (a physical book designed to support young people throughout their eco-activism)
  2. Case Study (a paper documenting the transformative learning of project participants)
  3. Pedagogy Design Guide (a paper documenting the pedagogy design process of the project)
  4. E-learning Course (an online resource designed to increase access to the educational toolkit)
  5. Evaluation Tool (a framework for use alongside the educational toolkit, which guides the evaluation of transformative learning)

To create these outputs, the project partners hosted four international youth events to trial new teaching and learning methods and co-design a set of educational tools with collaboration from the youth. The resulting toolkit was launched on August 11th 2023.

Why we did it

The confluence of the climate crisis and the coronavirus pandemic brought to the surface the severity of social-ecological challenges and the unprecedented opportunity to rethink how we work, learn, and exist on our planet. As future custodians of the world, today’s youth should be accompanied and supported across their personal development, action competence and well-being dimensions, allowing them to better connect to their lands and grow into environmental stewards and regenerative practitioners.