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Ireland's leading environmental education and youth organisation working to channel the passion, creativity and energy of young people into positive environmental action.

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Gaia Education

Gaia Education is a Scotland-based, international provider of Education for Sustainable Development, with a particular focus on community-led initiatives.

Youth for Smile

Youth4Smile is a youth organization striving to be a resource for sustainability in local communities. They provide experiences for young people at the local and international levels to promote personal development, empowering learning and participation.



OZ VIPA SK is a civic association that to supports integrated development in rural Slovakia. OZ VIPA SK works with a wide range of stakeholders, connecting rural citizens to national organisations and markets to promote sustainable circular ecosystems.


Resilience.Earth is a non-profit “change management” cooperative of community educators, researchers, and consultants dedicated to strengthening community resilience, ensuring ecological sustainability and embedding social solidarity economy in rural Catalonia, Spain.

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Ecowellness Colsunting

Ecowellness Consulting Ltd is a ‘Profit for Purpose’ nature-based enterprise with a strong social and environmental mission. Ecowellness Consulting, designs, delivers, and evaluates nature-based interventions to promote and enhance positive mental health.